Seeing Manipulated Landscapes in the Wild, Hyperallergic

Natural Disruptions, ArtBridge

Seeing Manipulated Landscapes in the Wild, Hyperallergic

One does not often associate a walk in the park with experiencing contemporary art presented on security fences by way of large mesh tarps. But that’s just what you’ll find at Natural Disruptions, a collaborative mural-based project sponsored by public arts nonprofit Artbridge, currently on view in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

From Mark Dorf’s series of photos titled “//_PATH” that explores digital technology and the ways it influences our perception of our surrounding world

Artists Mark Dorf and Anthony Goicolea were chosen for this project because of their ability to represent nature by manipulating images through technology. Each artist has his own way of altering photographs within the framework of landscape, by utilizing Photoshop and other software technologies.

Dorf typically inserts digital objects into his photographs, which suggest the formation of hybridized worlds that exist somewhere between nature and technology. His topographical imagery often helps to create different mental spaces than one might not expect in a landscape photograph — his final images are mechanical, space age, and radical, yet still somehow human. The viewer often comes upon new elements in his work accidentally, by chance and/or surprise.

Conversely, Goicolea deconstructs and reconstructs his photographs by re-layering, duplicating, and embedding elements of different images onto one another to create a simulated, reality-like composition. What may start off as a stock-looking image gradually transforms into transposed “reality.”

‘Natural Disruptions,’ installation view by Mark Dorf, “//_PATH/untitled28” (2013)

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