Artist submissions and FAQs

Supporting emerging artists is one of ArtBridge’s essential functions. Our curated public exhibitions on construction fencing and sidewalk sheds provide unprecedented exposure. As part of our mission to support emerging artists, we always pay our artists rates that exceed the standards set by WAGE. Submit your art.

An Open Call

Queens & The Bronx

Open call for community murals

Community Engagement Murals in Domestic Violence Shelters, Queens & The Bronx Deadline February 26, 2021


This project aims to promote the healing and resilience of survivors of domestic violence in New York City shelters through enhancements to the shelter built environment.

ArtBridge is seeking one or two artists to lead two community-engaged mural projects at NYC domestic violence shelters — one in Queens, and one in the Bronx. The selected artist(s) will work with the shelter’s staff and residents to produce two participatory engagement activities (virtual) + design and install a mural on each site.* Two designs will be produced for each location, for feedback and voting by residents. Selected artist(s) will lead the implementation of the mural, with assistance from ArtBridge. One mural location is 11’x8′ (indoors), the other is 30’x9′ (outdoors).**

[* There may be an opportunity to engage shelter stakeholders in the implementation of the mural.]

[** Specific shelter locations will be provided to the individual mural artist(s) upon signing confidentiality agreements and Shelter Engagement Guidelines for each site.]

Site/artwork dimensions

One mural location is 11’x8′ (indoors), the other is 30’x9‘ (outdoors)

Approximate Timeline

March 5: Selected artists will be announced

March 22: Artists will complete engagement activities and propose the mural design

April 1: The design of the mural will be finalized and shared with City agencies for approval

By April 15: Artwork is installed on-site


Selected artist(s) will receive an artist fee: $3,000 for the 11′ x 8′ indoor mural, and $4,000 for the 30′ x 9′ outdoor mural, which includes the artist’s labor to facilitate community engagement activities, the creation of two draft mural designs for each site, and to plan and execute the final installation.

All materials will be paid for by ArtBridge. ArtBridge will also provide insurance, contracting, maintenance, and all other admin costs/labor.


 Email: or call or text 646-450-1463

Working with ArtBridge

Working with ArtBridge

Artist Selection

How artists are selected varies from site to site.

— Curated in-house from our general submissions database;
— Site-specific open calls, judged by local arts dignitaries and/or curated in-house;
— A vote by local community members

— Or a combination of any of the above, for example, we may narrow down the candidates in house, then put it to a vote in the community where the artwork will be installed.

In most instances we strive to select artists who live locally to the installation site.

Artwork Requirements

What we require from artists varies from one project to the next depending on the requirements of the installation, but generally falls into these categories:

— Previously made artwork that ArtBridge prints onto vinyl for installation;
— Artwork that is designed for the installation and then printed on vinyl;
— Artwork that is designed for the installation and hand-painted onsite.

For artwork that is installed by the artist, all materials will be provided by ArtBridge. For artwork that is printed onto vinyl for installation, high resolution files must be provided by artists, but the rest is handled by ArtBridge.


In all cases, we will meet or exceed the payment standards set by W.A.G.E. The precise amount depends on how much funding we can raise for each specific site, and the amount of labor the installation will entail for the artist; e.g., artists who spend 40 hours hand-painting plywood fencing will generally be paid more than artists who simply send us digital files for previously made artwork.

Artwork Submissions

Open Calls

Please check our submissions page for current open calls. To be alerted for any upcoming calls, follow us on Instagram, or sign up for our email list.

General Submissions

ArtBridge accepts art on an ongoing basis. General submissions will be considered for all ArtBridge exhibitions that do not have sufficient time for an open call. You may submit here while simultaneously submitting the same, or different, works to current open calls for specific ArtBridge projects.


— You may submit as many individual pieces or series as you see fit. Series must not exceed ten images.
— Artwork must be designed to be installed on a flat surface and cannot include illumination, electronic signage, protrusions or projections.
— All genres of art, except film/video, are allowed, though film/video stills are permitted.
— Images should measure approximately 800px on their longest side and saved at roughly 72dpi. Neither measurement must be exact.
— Art must be approved by the city, we will not be able to use work that contains: obscenity or hate speech, political messages, religious content, sexual content, advertisements, depictions of illegal activity.


City Canvas is an NYC pilot program that allows us to install art exhibitions on construction fences and sheds. The program will last for two years. More info.

We’ll be installing via two basic mechanisms: 1) art (photography, paintings, sculpture) reproduced on vinyl/mesh, which will be affixed to the construction fence/shed; or art painted directly on it.

Submit your work here. We will also post individual calls for art for specific sites, as they arise. To be alerted to these, follow us on Instagram or sign up for our mailing list.

A variety of mechanisms: At some sites we’ll curate in-house from our submission database; at others we’ll use open calls, which will often be judged by local arts dignitaries; at others we’ll have active collaborations between local artists and community members. In all cases, we’ll try to select artists who live locally to the sites.

We will hustle to try to obtain a variety of funding sources for each site — grants, donations, and payments from site owners. If you have funding source ideas, please tell us!! We’re starting from scratch here…

As many as possible! We are aiming for 50 sites, across all 5 boroughs, during the program’s 2 years. We believe this is feasible.

Yes! Please send email us or tag us on Instagram. We are looking for high foot-traffic locations, where the construction is a real nuisance for the community, and where the construction will likely remain up for at least 6 more months.

We are especially keen to install in lower-income neighborhoods that are traditionally under-served by the arts, collaborating with local artists and community groups.