ArtBridge’s series of podcasts are short interviews with artists that illuminate the ideas, influences, and inspirations behind the artworks we produce at construction sites and public spaces. Click through to learn about our projects in public housing, cultural venues, and communities. We thank MouthMedia Network, StoriDot, and Lois Herzeca for their generous pro bono work producing these. 


We are pleased to share these artist interviews from our recent projects in collaboration with developers, through the Department of Cultural Affairs’ City Canvas program.

Bridging the

Bridging the Divide is an ongoing series of community-engaged artist fellowships at New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) developments throughout NYC. This series of artist interviews highlights artworks designed for various public housing locations. It also features a selection of related artworks that were included in our PRESENT POWER / FUTURE HOPES exhibition, which presented the art of 59 artists who participated in our City Artist Corps: Bridging the Divide program from 2021-2022.

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