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We seek high foot-traffic locations, where the construction is a real nuisance for the community, and where it will remain up for at least 6 months. We are especially keen to install in lower-income neighborhoods that are traditionally under-served by the arts, collaborating with local artists and community groups. Please reach out with any site proposals — we’d love to hear from you. Contact us:

Working with

Working with ArtBridge

Who We Work With

ArtBridge will work with a number of different kinds of organizations to create exhibitions:
Community groups and nonprofits including
— City Council
— Municipalities
— Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

Property Owners and Site Managers

We are happy to work with appropriate sponsors and are allowed to place sponsor logos onsite.

Community Groups

Interested in creating an installation with us? This process can be as collaborative as fits your needs: If you have thematic ideas, or particular curators/organizations you would like to involve, or any other parameters, ArtBridge will work within your guidelines to create a dynamic exhibition for you and your community. Otherwise, ArtBridge exhibitions are turnkey: we are able to handle every aspect of the exhibition — from curation, to design, printing, installation and public relations.


Yes! Every neighborhood is different, and we want our exhibitions to reflect the values, problems, and narratives of each neighborhood we work in. Partnering with local community organizations is a central component of strategy to achieve this.

Our partnerships our fully egalitarian relationships in which we rely on your insights and connections to local residents. You will guide our community engagement and share full public credit for the program and exhibition we produce together.

More than 20 community groups in all 5 boroughs, including numerous BIDs, The Brownsville Community Justice Center (Brooklyn), DreamYard Project (Bronx), New Settlement Community Center (Bronx), Red Hook Initiative (Brooklyn), PS143 (Queens), and PS84 (Brooklyn).

While for-profit developers are generally expected to cover the full cost of the exhibition; ArtBridge is often willing to fundraise to pay for exhibitions for nonprofit and municipally-owned locations.

Site Owners

For-profit site owners are expected to cover the full cost of the exhibition; whereas ArtBridge is willing to fundraise to pay for exhibitions at nonprofit and municipally-owned locations.

ArtBridge Projects is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. ArtBridge carries full liability insurance for all its exhibitions.


Enliven your site with contemporary art and support NYC’s artists, while generating positive press and social media!

Each site owner can decide to use one of several mechanisms. E.g., we can curate internally, around a theme of your choosing. Or run an open call, bringing in arts dignitaries or local community leaders to judge. In all cases, we will work together to make sure the selected art synergizes with the site owner’s branding goals. Artists who live locally will be prioritized.

We can paint directly on the plywood, or reproduce art on vinyl/mesh and affix it to the fencing/shed.

The city provides no ($0) funding for these projects.

For-profit site owners are expected to fully fund the cost of these projects. For nonprofit partners, we will work together to find sponsors and grants.

ArtBridge can handle all aspects of the project — from art selection and layout, to install, maintenance, insurance, permits, etc. You, the site owner, can be as actively involved as you see fit.

As there are a large number of variables (site size, install difficulty, type of art/artist, etc.), please contact us with some basic facts about your site, and we can provide a rough cost range.  ArtBridge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so all project fees may be considered tax-deductible.

Yes, City Canvas allows for both, on info panels adjacent to the art.

If we curate internally, roughly 4 weeks from contract signing. If an open call is used, 6 to 8 weeks.

Definitely not. We can print or paint the exhibition such that it can be easily broken up / moved.

Yes, dozens of times, dating back to 2009.

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