How can public art empower communities?

On July 21, 2022 ArtBridge convened a panel to discuss City Artist Corps: Bridging the Divide entitled, “How can public art empower communities?” Coinciding with the exhibition Present Power/Future Hopes, the panel was conceived to examine the impact of public art in public housing, with a particular focus on evaluating ArtBridge’s approach to community engagement. Watch the Recorded Discussion.

Present Power/
Future Hopes

Moderated by Claudie Mabry, Director of Social Innovation at Kaufman Music Center, panelists included: Paul Deo, participating artist at Polo Grounds; Jazmine Hayes, participating artist at Brownsville; Kendal Henry, Assistant Commissioner, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs; and Beverly Mac Farlane, Resident Leader at Taft Houses.

Themes of representation and access were touched upon, as well as the need to adapt and be responsive to shifting circumstances. Issues relating to centering community narratives, challenges in programming, and equity in the arts were also addressed. In addition, conversation touched upon strategies for navigating systemic issues within the artworld and public housing.

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