Emiliano Ponzi + Sarah Mazzetti

Sarah Mazzetti, ArtBridge for L'Aquilo artistThe wild and playful aesthetic of Sarah Mazzetti meets the linear and soft colors of the illustrations by Emiliano Ponzi. The terrain of comparison is on the theme of the written word: what happens while we read? When writers take us by the hand to carry us into their stories, the book we hold in hand no longer exists, just as the physical place in which we find ourselves no longer exists. We wander in our past to make it escape into new contexts, where we can get in touch with our most authentic emotions. In “Healing through reading” Sarah Mazzetti draws floral synapses that sprout between the pages of a book, climb on the skin of the girl with glasses immersed in reading and dance effervescent in the space that surrounds her.

Emiliano Ponzi, ArtBridge for L'Aquilo artist“Dialogue n.1” by Emiliano Ponzi is, instead, the frame of a silent film with dreamlike features, an intimate and introspective journey towards our self and its unconscious projection, mirror in which to smell the other who is in us, aware , three-dimensional, unequivocal, which we know exists but which we never succeed in grasping fully.

Exhibitions: Due a Due

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