Bambi Kramer + Vincenzo Filosa

Vincenzo Filosa, ArtBridge for L'Aquila artist“The Construction”, curted by Valerio Bindi, is a comic book made by the artists Bambi Kramer and Vincenzo Filosa. The precariousness of the condition of the protagonist who moves in a post-apocalyptic world, between fantastic creatures and dilapidated architecture, follows an intertwined narration, always one step away from imbalance. The title, borrowed from a song by Enzo Jannacci, instead attributes a social commitment to the subject matter.

Bambi Kramer, ArtBridge for L'Aquila artistThe work is divided into four panels and combines two comic styles linked to the Japanese tradition. On the one hand, the return to the origins with Kramer’s emakimono, which updates the continuous drawing method with a psychedelic and political gaze at the same time. On the other, research into the recent past of Filosa’s Gekiga style, which crosses the murky waters of the dramatic comic strip to bring it into a contemporary gray and often dull opacity.

Exhibitions: Due a Due

And he stumbled in the sky as if he heard music / And floated in the air as if it were Saturday / And fell down on the ground like a shy package.

--Enzo Jannacci

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