Bridging the Divide: Ingersoll Houses, Brooklyn

  • Derick Cross, We Shine and Connect in Our Own Unique Way, 2021
  • Terrell Tuggle, Space is Still the Place, 2021
  • Stephanie Costello, Obstacle Course, 2021


The exhibition at Ingersoll Houses features four artists from Fort Greene with deep ties to the community. Artworks reflect conversations and ideas shared via art workshops that ranged from drawing, to working with inks and printmaking—and even chess playing. Workshops took place at the Ingersoll Community Cornerstone in collaboration with the Ingersoll Resident Association. Participating artists were selected by ArtBridge because of their particular relationship to the Ingersoll community and their stated visions for partnering with residents in the art making process.

Photo credits for all Ingersoll Houses artworks: Collin Erickson and Jordan Rathkopf

Canary Swords (Ashley Crawford and Kenneth Tooley), Run Wild, 2021

Ashley Crawford and Kenneth Tooley’s Run Wild illustrates a fantastical world imagined by a young person on a literary journey. It was inspired by a group of youth at Ingersoll who were enthusiastically reading the same book. For the artists, it is a means of encouraging creativity and expression, particularly in the face of educational setbacks due to the pandemic.

160 and 162 Navy Walk, Brooklyn, NY

Stephanie Costello, Obstacle Course, 2021

Stephanie Costello’s Obstacle Course represents the struggles and opportunities that arise when navigating the city—a physical experience that can be analogous to an emotional experience. The repeating staircase motif was inspired by a teenager who attended one of the artist’s workshops. It represents the dichotomy of rising and falling, at once a vehicle to go up, but also to go down. The artist has an ongoing relationship with residents at Ingersoll. She designed and produced a large-scale artwork for the basketball courts in 2020. Thus, she knows how the presence of public art can increase the value of daily life in the community.

16 Fleet Walk and  31 Fleet Walk, Brooklyn, NY | @stephcostelloart

Derick Cross, We Shine and Connect in Our Own Unique Way, 2021

Derick Cross’s We Shine and Connect in Our Own Unique Way is inspired by the energy and inner light of the Ingersoll Houses community. It reflects interactions and artworks created during workshops at Ingersoll Community Center. Referring to the specific location of the houses, including buildings and the basketball court, the artist chose to depict imagined portraits that capture the connection he felt with individuals at his art workshops. A resident of Fort Greene/Clinton Hill for the past 25 years, Cross is deeply committed to the community.

125 Navy Walk, Brooklyn, NY

Terrell Tuggle, Space is Still the Place, 2021

Terrell Tuggle, aka ARTPEACE the Chess Artist, created Space is Still the Place to merge his long affiliation with a dedicated community of chess players at Ingersoll Houses with his interest in promoting visionary positivity through Afrofuturist ideas. Representations of Black men and women as kings and queens, the sun, moon, and stars, are interspersed with mannequins and actual chess pieces. Inspired by Ingersoll community members of all ages, including Tuggle’s own chess mentor—whom the artist memorializes as an Ingersoll native—the artwork is meant to provoke love and light.

133 Navy Walk, Brooklyn, NY \ | @artpeace_thechessartist

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