Elisa Cerri, Bomboland -- ArtBridge for L'AquilaElisa Cerri and Maurizio Santucci, aka Bomboland, are two illustrators who have worked with four hands since 2008. Their name derives from the “bumblebee”, one of the most important and useful pollinating insects for humans, very similar to bees.
Bomboland’s works come out of the two-dimensionality of common illustrations, and result in a 3D deception thanks to a skilful work of craftsmanship and a careful synthesis of the forms that underlies their artistic practice. Maurizio is the hand that creates the design, Elisa the one that transforms it into a small bas-relief of paper, which is then photographed and digitally processed to become an illustration. Their imagery is fairytale, full of imaginary creatures and landscapes.

Maurizio Santucci, Bomboland -- ArtBridge for L'Aquila artistFor L’Aquila, Bomboland presented the illustration “Walking with your head held high”. With the city behind, two boys in striped shirts stride down the street, they have a world map as a head that they hold in their hands, high above the clouds.
In the midst of bright colors, the illustration is full of shadows of the small paper cutouts glued and superimposed on each other: border areas between the real object and the graphic thickness of the shapes, which here give movement to the final image, as if our two boys could continue to walk with their heads held high even outside the white sheet. Between fantasies of distant places to explore, check, redesign and remember.

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Keep your head up.

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