Testify! by Sophia Dawson

  • Sophia Dawson, Testify!
  • Sophia Dawson, Testify!
  • Sophia Dawson, Testify!


Testify! features interviews and photographs of subjects, objects, and places meaningful to NYCHA residents ages 16-21, including those at Brownsville Houses. Created in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Affairs Public Artist in Residence program, Sophia Dawson worked with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice to record community images and interviews. Each story explores the trials and triumphs of those most affected by historic disinvestment and COVID-19. Photography & audio recordings were captured by: Aminata Cisse, Chloe Delvalle, Christopher Garcia, Jasleen Lally, Sirazam Munira, Kate Origoza, Jason Peart, Vanessa Ramirez, Alexis Robinson, Jessica Torres, and Julio Valerio. Audio recordings are available at: bit.ly/brownsville_testify

Photo credits for artwork by Sophia Dawson: Paul Katcher

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