Rachel Phillips

Rachel Phillips, ArtBridge ArtistRachel Phillips lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her artistic research is based on compositions that play with comic characters, conveying irony but at the same time bewilderment. Smiles and afflicted eyes create different forms of expression, often familiar. The image is enclosed in a weave of angular lines and dense backgrounds of color. These scenes describe emotional discontent, irrational behavior and strange events. Rachel received a fine art degree from the Tyler School of Art and a master’s degree from the Memphis College of Art. She exhibited at the “Cindy Rucker Gallery”, “Walter Wickiser Gallery”, “Brian Morris Gallery”, “Galerie Protégé” in Manhattan, NY, and “Orgy Park” and “490 Atlantic” Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder and co-curator of the Parlor Bushwick Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. Managed by three artists, the gallery was inaugurated in 2012 and is proposed as an alternative space organized and managed for artists.

ArtBridge Exhibitions: Change!

I create miserable visual narratives with emotional collages of personalities and ways of doing things