Norwood Mural by Laura Alvarez

  • Laura Alvarez, ArtBridge
  • Norwood Mural by Laura Alvarez, ArtBridge

Artist Statement

I am a firm believer that tradition is very important in our lives. The Bronx area has a big immigrant and blue collar community. What they have in common is the manual labor, earning the bread with your hands. I always remember the older woman in my family working at home taking care of the families but also sewing, crocheting and knitting. My grandmother used to make this crochet flower mats for everything. That’s the inspiration for the background flowers, that lay on top of the blue of the Mediterranean Sea I grew up looking at. On top, the flowers to remind us that Spring always come and we can look forward good times. Finally I also wanted to pay homage to the neighborhood and the borough by using the frames already on the wall to write their names.
-- Laura Alvarez

Laura Alvarez, Artist

I’m an illustrator, designer, visual artist, community activist and educator. Ecology, tradition, recycling, change, and self-improvement, are elements present in my work. I’m obsessed with calligraphy and making words a tangible image in the eye of the viewer. I see words as a thesis to an emotion or idea and it is a necessity for me to transmit that message. I create parallel, imaginary worlds and fantastic beings ‑ monsters that seem sweet but if given a second look might surprise you. They definitely have something behind them, a story.

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