Arcoíris de Dreamers

  • Arcoiris de Dreamers, ArtBridge Exhibition
  • Arcoiris de Dreamers, ArtBridge Exhibition

About the Mural

Arcoíris de Dreamers pays tribute to the rainbow of immigrants that made Bushwick, Brooklyn their home.

7 floors of murals, one design: Arcoíris de Dreamers is a piece by artist Gera Lozano in collaboration with local poet Modesto Flako Jimenez. Permanently on display at OPEN NYC‘s Denizen courtyard, this massive mural will be open for public viewing.

Artist's Statement

The many birds represent the natural flow of migration as part of of nature. They are coming out of the figure’s head to represent the dreams immigrants bring with them when they arrive on new shores. The flight of birds carry with them the aspirations and higher perspectives of making a better life and creating a more positive future for themselves and their new country.

--Gera Lozano

Participating Artists

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