Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez, ArtBridge Artist

Jose de Jesus Rodriguez holds a degree in Fine Art with a concentration in painting and printmaking from University of California, Santa Cruz. He has a special interest in using art as a vehicle to socially engage youth and communities. As of summer 2014, he is a lead artist at Groundswell.

“The cross section of public and private identity has nurtured my interest in examining and better understanding how an individual constructs their personal narrative, and how ones personal archive of imagery and memory relate to that construction. What does it mean to be culturally raised Mexican in the private sphere and to assimilate to American culture in the public, and how do you consolidate these two experiences? These questions have led my practice to revolve around broadly exploring identity politics, while closely examining race, culture’s connection to imagery,  and society’s tendency to define “otherness” in oversimplified and singular terms.” –Jose de Jesus Rodriguez


ArtBridge Exhibitions: Active Art: Queens, P.S. 13
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