Davidd d’Addario

Davidd d'Addario
In May 2016 Off Site Art opened a call addressed to the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of L’Aquila. Born in Pescara in 1991 and enrolled in the three-year period in painting, Gianmarco d’Addario, in art Davidd d’Addario, was selected with his site-specific work entitled “Thought”. These are the works located on the corner of via Castello and via Zara, and which represent the digital reworking of still images obtained by manipulating the code of some videos. The result is “Thought”, a series of colorful works that display errors known as “glitches” and that reconfigure the images according to a different aesthetic and conceptual value.

Exhibitions: L’Aquila In

I usually leave the house with the sky under my arm.