Crys Yin

Crys Yin, ArtBridge artistCrys Yin was born in Southern California. She received her Fine Art degree with a specialization in Graphic Desing from California State University, Long Beach. Her paintings are mainly made with acrylic on paper, a technique that allows her to work freely and quickly.

After spending a whole year in constant motion traveling the world, the ability to easily move her works with her is what she most appreciates of this medium. Cry’s research is currently exploring the comic side of some deeply personal moments, trying to visually evoke these experiences. By resuming incidences from childhood, she manages to touch on current issues such as androgyny, sexual curiosity, shame and the oddities of the human body.

She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Regarding her works for L’Aquila he writes: “For a place reduced to rubble, Change means positivity. The ability to recognize tragedy and nevertheless move forward is something that is familiar to me. I have faced difficult events from my past through comedy and, of course, my work as an artist. I managed to understand the past and use it as a milestone to embrace the future. The works I exhibit for L’Aquila describe moments when you feel disconnected, but always with humor and absurdity. “

ArtBridge Exhibitions: Change!

I describe moments when you feel disconnected.