Bridging the Divide: South Beach Houses, Staten Island

  • Imara Moore, Vibrancy, 2022
  • Janice Patrignani, South Beach Celebrates Nature, 2021
  • Jodi Dareal, Essential Care, 2022
  • Joe Riccio, U.N.I.T.E.D., We Rise, 2021


The artworks at South Beach reflect the people, landscape, and emotional lives of local community members. Each artist led 3 to 4 workshops with residents of all ages in collaboration with the South Beach Resident Association and United Activities Unlimited – South Beach Cornerstone. Workshops ranged in topic from learning self care practices, to painting rocks to give as gifts. Additional activities included photography, painting on silk, collaborative mural making, graffiti style writing, and learning how to write with light. All the participating artists reported that the conversations they had during their workshops directly informed the themes of their artworks.

Photo Credits for all South Beach Houses artworks: Lloyd McCullough

Imara Moore, Vibrancy, 2022

Vibrancy, by Imara Moore, presents silhouettes of South Beach residents captured during photography workshops at the UAU Cornerstone. The silhouettes, rendered in various tones, are layered over muted photographs of the landscape and buildings of South Beach Houses. The juxtaposition of solid figures over a soft background adds depth and dimension to the artwork. Raised in the Houses herself, the artist created this piece to reflect the energy and vitality of the neighborhood.

121 & 129 Norway Avenue, Staten Island, NY | @imaramoore

Janice Patrignani, South Beach Celebrates Nature, 2021

South Beach Celebrates Nature, by Janice Patrignani, was co-created with youth and adults from the South Beach community. It invites viewers to engage their senses by visualizing a meandering journey through various landscapes, culminating at the Staten Island Greenbelt. Imagery depicting wafts of air and wind bellowing up from fields of flowers suggest the movement of floral fragrances. The foundational imagery for this work was created by community members who painted directly onto silk fabric.

100 Kramer Street, Staten Island, NY

Joe Riccio, U.N.I.T.E.D., We Rise, 2021

U.N.I.T.E.D., We Rise, by Joe Riccio, was conceptualized and developed in partnership with South Beach residents. Building upon the theme of unity, the artist intertwined various colorful symbols to portray peace, love, and strength in the community. The imagery in the artwork takes viewers on a journey of South Beach from a walk in the park to a passage on the beach. The wild turkeys of Staten Island and the various lighthouses visible from the Island are also depicted.

106 Kramer Street, Staten Island, NY

Jodi Dareal, Essential Care, 2022

Essential Care by Jodi Dareal was designed for the South Beach Community to feel seen. Representing diversity within the mural was of utmost importance to the artist. The artwork stands as a tribute to essential workers and first responders, twelve of whom are depicted, including a teacher, a garage attendant, a grocery store clerk, and a waiter. The mural is also a memorial for Tre, a United Activities Unlimited worker and former director of the South Beach Cornerstone who passed during the pandemic.

84 Lamport Boulevard, Staten Island, NY | @jodidareal

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