Zoe Malliaros

Zoe Malliaros, ArtBridge Advisory CounsilZoe Malliaros is an NYC based designer and academic. She is currently an associate at LOM Property Consultants, working as an owner’s representative and project manager for non-profit organizations in NYC. She is the co-founder of Post-Reservation, a research project visualizing the complex state of housing, infrastructure and economy on the Lakota-Sioux reservations in South Dakota with mapping, photography and video. Previously, she worked as an architectural designer and project manager at the offices of Jendretzki LLC, Sawyer/Berson Architecture & Landscape Architecture, and Siris/Coombs Architects, for whom she now does project by project consulting. Zoe holds a Master of Architecture from Columbia University, where she was recipient of the Percival and Naomi Goodman Fellowship and a William Kinne Fellow for Post-Reservation. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Harvard University. Her philosophy is that everyone has their own distinctive path to wellness, and the answers lie within us in a channel we call “instinct.” The challenge is to clear our bodies and our minds so we can better tune in and listen.