The Song of Dragon and Flowers

  • The Song of Dragon and Flowers, Installation by ArtBridge
  • TheSong of Dragon and Flowers Day2
  • TheSong of Dragon and Flowers Day2

Artist Statement:

Chinatown’s history is full of hardship, but also full of love. Doyers Street is located in Chinatown, intersecting with Pell Street at its very end, as if a flying dragon is winding its way up and resting at the intersection of the two streets. I was inspired by the immigrant experience and how they perceive this neighborhood as home. I am eager to use my brush to tell the story of the past, the current, and the future of Chinatown.
-- Chen Dongfan

About the Mural

NYCDOT, in partnership with the Chinatown Partnership, has selected Artist Chen Dongfan to implement a 4800 square foot asphalt mural on Doyers Street as part of the Doyers Street Seasonal Street.

Seasonal Streets temporarily transform streets into vibrant public space during warm weather when people use them the most. In addition to movable furniture, umbrellas, and other amenities, the Seasonal Street will also feature a temporary public art installation presented through the NYCDOT Art Program’s Arterventions program track, titled “The Song of Dragon and Flowers,” created by artist Chen Dongfan. The asphalt art mural seeks to highlight the historical significance of Doyers Street and the history of Asian American immigration to the United States of America.

The artist was on-site from July 13th through July 20th painting the mural onto the street surface with support from ArtBridge and Fou Gallery. The Seasonal Street will be run daily and be closed to all vehicles from 10 am to 9 pm until November 1st. While the street is transformed, the community will have the opportunity to gather, rest and participate in all that Chinatown has to offer.

Partners & Sponsors

Created by artist Chen Dongfan. Presented by the New York City Department of Transportation’s Art Program and Public Space Unit, in conjunction with the Chinatown Partnership, Fou Gallery and ArtBridge.

Paint provided by Liquitex.

Photograph by Inna Xu and Peichao Lin ©Chen Dongfan, courtesy NYCDOT, Chinatown Partnership, Fou Gallery, and Art Bridge.

NYCDOT, New York City Department of Transportation’s Art Program and Public Space UnitLiquitex, ArtBridge exhibition sponsor

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