Marilia Destot

Marilia Destot, ArtBridge ArtistMarilia Destot is a French Brooklyn-­based photographer. This series, made in Gowanus in 2012, is a new collaboration with American dancer Laurel Tentindo and Austrian designer Ilona Drozdzik. She extended her experimentation of the sequential form and focused on the relation and perceptions of the model to his environment. In this “Gowanus dance” the idea is to improvise with lines: lines of the city, lines of the clothes, lines of the dancing body in a playful and colorful mood, drawing a vibrant calligraphy into the urban stage.She initiated and participated in many artistic collaborations and visual dialogues with dancers, designers, and photographers. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and the U.S. at the FIAF gallery in New York in 2010 and in an outdoor installation by ArtBridge in Brooklyn in 2012.


ArtBridge Exhibitions: Urban Modulations