Kisha Johnson

Kisha Johnson, artist -- Brownsville Matters, Exhibition by ArtBridge

Since an early age my life has centered around art and the drive to create. I believe the aesthetic experience occurs in a personal moment when the viewer sees art. I create images for that moment. I enjoy creating eye-catching pictures that blend vagueness and subtle details with sharpness, color and contrast.

My representational creations often echo some of my favorite themes in jazz and free style street performers. My abstract work is about composing distinctive and stimulating designs where beauty lies in harmony and balance. I play with shapes and textures, colors and tones, movement and light. I focus on the aesthetic rhythm that will unite elements into compelling visual melodies. I work with my heart and mind devoted to the final image.

“I believe the most important quality of a photograph, as in all of art, is to evoke an emotional response. This is life through my eyes. I wish to show you the amazing, beautiful and powerful forces that have created the Earth we live on.” –Kisha Johnson

ArtBridge Exhibitions: Brownsville Matters
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