Esther Ruiz

Esther Ruiz, ArtBridge ArtistEsther Ruiz received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from Rhodes College in 2011. She has shown nationally and internationally at various galleries including Brooklyn Wayfarers, Vox Populi, Heiner Contemporary, Field Projects, David Lusk Gallery and The American Center for Physics. She was born in Houston, Texas, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her work serves to physically commemorate and celebrate the passage of time and the moments we tend to forget or leave unmarked. Informed by space operas, core samples, pop culture, geometry and the setting sun, her work investigates and celebrates fictional landscapes and the objects residing in them. These “settings” express the uncharted depths of our creative mind and depict a dream-state unreachable in realtime. Ultimately, her work exists as an effort to visually explain an emotional state of mind with mathematical acuteness.

ArtBridge Exhibitions: Urban Modulations