Bridging the Divide: Pomonok Houses, Queens

  • Kiki Bencosme, Dímelo Cantando, 2021
  • Shanice Figeroux, Stronger Together, 2021
  • Alice Mizrachi, Faces of our Community, 2022


The artworks for Pomonok Houses were developed in collaboration with the Resident Association and the Queens Community House. The Queens Community House played a central role in recruiting for and hosting the workshops. Often these workshops were paired with events already scheduled in the community, including food pantries and craft fairs. Workshops included chalking, jewelry design, mask making, collaging, and collaborative painting, and were attended by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Photo Credits for all Pomonok Houses artworks: Paul Katcher

Kiki Bencosme, Dímelo Cantando, 2021

Dímelo Cantando (Tell It To Me Singing)—an affectionate Dominican greeting—is a mural by Queens artist Kiki Bencosme. It features flowers designed in collaboration with youth from Pomonok Houses to symbolize the interconnectivity of the community. The artist considers the youths’ voices to be the seeds of the neighborhood. The branches depicted within the artwork refer to strands of beaded jewelry created during workshops held at the Queens Community House.

70-30 Parsons Blvd & 154-05 71st Avenue, Queens, NY | @platanopapers

Shanice Figeroux, Stronger Together, 2021

Stronger Together is a mural by Queens artist Shanice Figeroux. The patterns and colors are meant to promote healing, expression, and offer light even on the darkest days. Intended to add a vibrant flair to the Pomonok Houses, the artist hopes her artwork will further unify the community and celebrate their collective energy and creativity.

65-10 Parsons Boulevard, Queens, NY | @abstractmuralsusa

Alice Mizrachi, Faces of our Community, 2022

A first generation migrant-daughter, Alice Mizrachi grew up in the melting-pot that is Queens, New York. Her artwork, Faces of Our Community, is intended to unite the many cultures that make up her borough. To make this mural, the artist took portraits of residents and led collage making workshops at Queens Community House. The resulting images are a mash-up of community members made by community members. A celebration of color and personality, the collages portray the interconnectedness of a diverse community.

70-02 Parsons Boulevard, Queens, NY | @am_nyc

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