Rodney Durso, Chair, was principal and creative director of New York based Stormhouse Partners, an international award-winning branding and design agency where he led all client branding initiatives in print, web, packaging and environmental design from 1999 to 2005. In in 2006, while teaching as an adjunct professor at Parsons School of Design and working as a brand consultant, Rodney rented a studio in West Chelsea and began his transition into painting and the world of fine art. “I began painting as a way of prying myself out my daily work routine — I needed something totally new. I chose painting because technically it was completely foreign to me. It also has been very interesting to work without the constraints of budgets and schedules which had always served as a kind of compass for my branding and design work”, in short, it’s been extremely challenging and very rewarding. Early in 2008, while looking around New York at the endless construction scaffolds and sidewalk bridging Rodney founded ArtBridge. It is his hope that the organization’s exhibitions will both alter the city landscape and give a significant push to emerging artists in an increasingly competitive art world.