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About ArtBridge

Since 2008, ArtBridge has transformed more than 15,000 feet of NYC’s 300+ miles of construction fencing into free and accessible art exhibitions, providing unprecedented exposure for local artists.  

We prioritize the social impact of public art, embracing the potential for artists to be community-builders. Our exhibitions frequently result from months of community programming and engagement.  

We are currently in a moment of strong growth and opportunity. Public art has never been more culturally meaningful; and resulting from our selection by the Department of Cultural Affairs to implement the City Canvas pilot program, we now have bevy of prominent opportunities. 

In addition to a robust pipeline of new exhibitions, we are focused on two central programs:

Bridging the Divide: artist fellowships at NYCHA developments throughout the city. Artists engage with residents over several months, building artwork together that empowers the narratives of NYCHA residents. The results are displayed in a massive scale on the construction fencing surrounding those developments. Launched in October 2019.

Not a Monolith: a series of 10 exhibitions throughout NYC that provides local Black artists with public canvases to amplify the historically silenced voices of the Black community, and dismantle the monolithic narratives imposed upon them. Launching in late August 2020.

ArtBridge’s current operating budget is approximately $725,000. Since 2014, we have operated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

We are seeking additional members for our current, 13-person board.  We welcome applicants from a wide range of backgrounds and professions who share our vision of the artist-as-community-builder, and who can help us grow in thoughtful, impactful ways.

New board members are expected to:

  • commit to a two-year term
  • attend at least 3 of 4 annual full board meetings
  • activate your networks and talents to further our mission
  • provide an annual financial commitment, via direct gift or fundraising (full-time artists exempt)
  • help us build our annual fundraising event

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. We hope to add several new members by our next quarterly board meeting, in early November.


Contact us at or 646-450-1463.

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