ArtBridge activates local artists to transform our urban landscape. If you own or manage a site that is covered by fencing or scaffolding, we want to work with you!

The process of creating an exhibition can be as collaborative as fits your needs: If you have thematic ideas, or particular curators/organizations you would like to involve, or any other parameters, ArtBridge will work within your guidelines to create a dynamic exhibition for you and your community. Otherwise, ArtBridge exhibitions are turnkey; we are able to handle every aspect of the exhibition—from curation, to design, printing, installation and public relations.

Here are sample timelines for two basic ways that ArtBridge produces exhibitions:

With a Jury Panel of Art World Luminaries:

Week 1: Artistic theme/parameters chosen, with partner approval.

Week 2: Three curators selected, with partner approval/input.

Week 3: Graphic design / marketing collateral created with partner approval.

Week 3: Call for art announced.

Week 9: Exhibition is curated by panel of curators.

Week 10: PDF mockup of installation with selected artwork for partner approval.

Week 11: Art is printed.

Week 12: Art is installed.

Week 12: Opening party/reception.

Without a Jury Panel:

Week 1: Artistic theme/parameters chosen, with partner approval.

Week 3: Art choices sent to partner for review/approval.

Week 4: PDF mockup of installation for partner approval.

Week 5: Art is printed.

Week 6: Art is installed.

Week 6: Opening party/reception.

ArtBridge Projects is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Please check with your tax attorney to determine the extent to which ArtBridge’s total project fee is tax-deductible. ArtBridge carries full liability insurance for all its exhibitions. Detailed information provided upon request.

For-profit developers are generally expected to cover the full cost of the exhibition; whereas ArtBridge is often willing to fundraise to pay for exhibitions at non-profit and municipally-owned locations.

For inquiries, email or call 917-720-5742.