ArtBridge is thrilled to present Urban Modulations—an exhibition containing nine emerging Brooklyn artists’ interpretations of urban interaction and change. The outdoor exhibition will be hung on the construction fencing at the Lightstone Group’s rental development at 363-365 Bond Street in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Urban Modulations will be on view for approximately eight months.

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About the Artists


allison maletz

Allison Maletz is a mixed media artist. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. Her most recent work focuses on the idea of the secretly dysfunctional western family. Her artwork is bright, humorous, and nostalgic, but evokes discomfort and allows for the possibility that something grotesque is trying to surface. She has shown in the Liverpool Biennial, New Contemporaries UK, and the Moscow Biennale for Young Artists at the MMoMA. She lives and works in New York City.



Bibiana  is a Czech multidisciplinary artist based in New York (Sunset Park, Brooklyn).  Currently she is working on long-term projects documenting the cultural diversity and economic divides across the United States and New York City specifically, and, designing sets for film.  Her photography is rooted in both street photography and documentary work.  She is an active participant in the independent New York art scene.  Her work is in private collections in the USA and Europe.


caleb freese

Caleb Freese is a Gowanus-based artist who explores themes of topography, architecture and space through a combination of silkscreening, drawing and painting and photography. His work often contains layers of meticulous, detailed map drawings and loose abstract brushwork, which conveys the contrast between the rigid structure of the city with its fluid life and motion. He has a BFA in Printmaking from Whitman College, and is currently a member of the Gowanus Print Lab.


gun roze

Gun Roze was born in Toronto, Canada and received his foundation degree from Ontario College of Art & Design. Being fully present, he records daily anything that intuitively captures his attention along his walking routes.  He quickly learned that shooting people today is far more challenging than it was in the 80′s, as the resistance to a stranger with a camera is far greater. He is interested more in street scenarios than street portraits. He never needs to go out intentionally to shoot anything specific anywhere, as all the subject matter is already there waiting for his intuitive eye to just notice it en route to his destinations.


joelle shallon

Joelle Shallon was born in New York City, child of immigrants from the Middle East, and grew up in India and Iran. She studied painting at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon and now lives and works in Brooklyn.

Her work is influenced by her cultural background, by her travels and experiences in the Middle East and elsewhere, and by her interest in textiles and architecture.

She has shown in galleries around the New York area and in the Pacific Northwest.


Evry is Brooklyn resident and native New Yorker. His photography expresses the brilliant and beautiful nuances of life in the city. His work is inspired by his relationship to New York and powered by the need to express the intangible: moments, feelings, and dreams.


marillia destot

Marilia Destot is a French Brooklyn-­based photographer. This series, made in Gowanus in 2012, is a new collaboration with American dancer Laurel Tentindo and Austrian designer Ilona Drozdzik. She extended her experimentation of the sequential form and focused on the relation and perceptions of the model to his environment. In this “Gowanus dance” the idea is to improvise with lines: lines of the city, lines of the clothes, lines of the dancing body in a playful and colorful mood, drawing a vibrant calligraphy into the urban stage.She initiated and participated in many artistic collaborations and visual dialogues with dancers, designers, and photographers. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and the U.S. at the FIAF gallery in New York in 2010 and in an outdoor installation by ArtBridge in Brooklyn in 2012.


simona prives

Simona Prives creates both physical and digital collages that focus on the process of decomposition and reconstruction in her urban environment of Brooklyn, New York. Disassembled industrial elements, maps, waste and earth layers breed new imagined worlds, which are both abstract and familiar. In these elaborate dreamscapes, our complex relationship between the natural and the technological is explored, resulting in compositions that suggest transformation. Themes of growth and decay are continually present throughout the work. Simona uses fragments of her drawings and photographs of Gowanus-based construction sites (a large source was the reconstruction of the Smith/9th Street subway station), screenprints, monotype and found materials to assemble her compositions.


esther ruiz

Esther Ruiz received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from Rhodes College in 2011. She has shown nationally and internationally at various galleries including Brooklyn Wayfarers, Vox Populi, Heiner Contemporary, Field Projects, David Lusk Gallery and The American Center for Physics. She was born in Houston, Texas, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her work serves to physically commemorate and celebrate the passage of time and the moments we tend to forget or leave unmarked. Informed by space operas, core samples, pop culture, geometry and the setting sun, her work investigates and celebrates fictional landscapes and the objects residing in them. These “settings” express the uncharted depths of our creative mind and depict a dream-state unreachable in realtime. Ultimately, her work exists as an effort to visually explain an emotional state of mind with mathematical acuteness.

About The Curators


saisha grayson

Saisha Grayson joined the Brooklyn Museum in 2011 as Assistant Curator at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. Prior to her tenure at the Museum, Grayson was editorial assistant on the catalogue Nayland Blake: Behavior (2008) and the monographic essay for Ghada Amer (2010); coauthor of the catalogue essay “Pinaree Sanpitak: Quietly Floating” (2010); and author of “Disruptive Disguises: The Problem of Transvestite Saints for Medieval Art, Identity, and Identification,” which appeared in Medieval Feminist Forum in 2009.  She received her MA in Contemporary Art & Curatorial Studies from Columbia University and is currently finishing her Ph.D at the Graduate Center, CUNY, where she focuses on contemporary art, feminist theory, and museum practice.


hrag vartanian

Hrag Vartanian is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic, the world’s leading art blogazine. He is a writer and lecturer about contemporary art, performance, multiculturalism, politics, the internet, literature, and visual culture. He has curated a number of shows, including #TheSocialGraph
(2010), the first exploration of social media art, On Display (2011) at Storefront Gallery in Bushwick, and Walking Into the Dashboard (2013), an exhibition, catalogue, and symposium exploring how Tumblr is being used as an artistic medium by artists and creative amateurs around the world.


courtney jordan

Courtney Jordan is one of the curatorial directors of Gowanus Ballroom, an alternative art space in Brooklyn, and a contributing editor and writer to publications covering drawing and works on paper. Her background is in art history and curation, and she has worked with a number of arts organizations throughout the country including the Smithsonian Institution, PAFA, the Palmer Museum, and the National Arts Club. She is currently organizing an exhibition surrounding the juxtaposition of organic and inorganic forms. She lives in Gowanus, Brooklyn.


emily santangelo

Emily Santangelo  has worldwide experience in the acquisition, commission & sale of fine art for private collectors & corporations. A former New York gallery owner, her exhibits have been highly acclaimed and reviewed in “Art in America,” “On Paper,” and sited as a “Must See,” by Liz Smith of “The New York Post.” She has lectured on “Art as Investment” for Christie’s Auction House and for American Express at private events for Black Cardholders.