About Space

JANUARY 10 – APRIL 11, 2013

Curated by Jason Stopa and ArtBridge

Opening Reception:

Thursday, January 10, 6 – 8PM

The ArtBridge Drawing Room is pleased to present About Space, a group exhibition featuring Joey Piziali, Hiroshi Tachibana, Matt Jones, Jason Stopa and Tatiana Berg. Working in a range of styles, these five artists offer up a variety of aesthetic approaches to infinite galactic and virtual frontiers, challenging the spatial conventions of their flat painting surfaces. Co-curated by Jason Stopa, this is to be the gallery’s first collaboration with an outside independent curator.

About Space formally investigates our collective wonder in the mystery of space. Inviting us to examine our relationship between spatial illusion and material surface, these works speak to the larger human desire to explore new frontiers and probe new depths in painting and beyond.


About the Artist

Joey Piziali

Joey Piziali’s Triple Edge coaxes viewers into its airy depths by flirting with the aesthetics of lo-fi hypnosis and propelling the viewer into its central atmosphere.In Edge II, paint finds a home on the work’s perimeter. Leaving the center bare, it nevertheless, feels full.  By employing the use of gradients and halo-ed edges, the vacant center become luminous, capturing visual effect of an eclipse, while the drips re-direct the viewer back to the works’ materiality.

Hiroshi Tachibana

Hiroshi Tachibana builds up his non-traditional small abstractions in layers; he piles separate skins of acrylic atop a polyurethane sheet that he then transfers onto the canvas when dry with gel medium.  His Untitled works employ the resulting translucent milky layers to create a mesmerizing surface tension and visual density.

Matt Jones

Matt Jones uses a variety of mediums to explore such themes as astronomy, ancient history and popular media, resulting in works through which he investigates the world around him. Jones’ 42″ oil on canvas tondo entitled, Space Painting 38, showcases technical mastery developed to replicate the look of deep space with impressive fidelity. From afar, the piece creates the pleasing illusion of hazy distant galaxy formations alongside closer star clusters; luring viewers closer, it breaks apart, re-asserting itself as a flat surface spattered in thin oil paint.

Jason Stopa

Jason Stopa’s playful works toe the line between figuration and abstraction, making use of alternately thin and cake-like marks of oil, spray paint and acrylic to allude to varied human experience. Most recently, he has been exploring imagery of deep space as depicted in early video games. With his latest work entitled, The Milky Way, Stopa situates the viewer in a dense and ambiguous white space that feels at once earthly and endless.

Tatiana Berg

Tatiana Berg’s work on view, Just Tent ­– a three dimensional painting built of wooden canvas stretcher bars and set on wheels – playfully asserts itself as a stout, homespun vehicle. This work, which is part of a series, is composed of enamel and spray paint featuring black drips from its fulcrum.  Its multi-paneled make-up posits itself between painting and sculpture, object and image. Berg’s work flirtatiously entertains the possibility of literally and metaphorically being transported into space.

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