Laura Alvarez

Cross Street Stitches

Above photo is a digital rendering of initial proposal.

“I want to beautify the neighborhood by creating a cross-stitch pattern along the stairs remembering the old traditions, the hand-made artisanal design in an era of technology and plastic.”

Laura is an experienced graphic designer and artist who has exhibited in collective and solo shows throughout the U.S. and Europe. She is the co-founder and vice president of the BxArts Factory, a nonprofit that supports Bronx-based artists who use their work for social change. She is also a teaching artist at the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, developing community outreach programs and organizing cultural events. Her notable public art projects include: “KHCC Grows,” a mural project in collaboration with the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center and the NYC Department of Transportation, “Nature is Watching Us,” a mural project with WHEDco and the BxArts Factory, among many others.