Every Person I Know and Every Person I Don’t Know

ArtBridge is pleased to unveil artist David Greg Harth’s ongoing participatory project, Every Person I Know and Every Person I Don’t Know at the 2012 Dumbo Arts Festival. For this project, which began earlier this year, Harth has set out to take old-fashioned photo booth portraits with everyone he knows and everyone he doesn’t, which means, everyone there is. Determined to go “old school” when everyone is going digital, Every Person project is both an ode to the rapidly-dissapearing photo booths of yesteryear and a celebration of the people from all walks of life with whom we find ourselves connected, even if only for the duration it takes to snap four photo frames. www.EveryPersonProject.com

EPIK 10.

About the Artist

David Greg Harth is a visual artist based in New York City. He works across a diverse spectrum of media including performance, video, installation, drawing, photography, and poetry. His work is often time-based and frequently requires public participation. Harth creates unexpected juxtapositions, often employing elements of tension and ambiguous social situations to provoke dialogues on contemporary issues. Harth explores culture, politics, religion, sexuality, celebrities, and consumerism in his work.

A major part of his work involves gathering information, collecting, documenting and producing records of subjects ranging form current world events, political, social and economic, to more specific personal experiences. In most instances, the process of an artwork is just as important as the final work itself.

In his performance work, Harth creates unusual tensions in a common environment. He often puts his own body through strenuous activity to explore fragility, struggle, and adversity in both social and personal situations. Harth infiltrates the public realm with live street actions and interactive projects, often transgressing and questioning social boundaries.

David Greg Harth was born in New York. He has a BFA from Parsons School of Design and a studio at The Elizabeth Foundation For The Arts. He has exhibited in various galleries and art spaces since the mid 90s nationally and internationally. Harth enjoys eating apples and the candid conversation inside a photo booth with a stranger.