Arts on Amboy is an art fair for the community, to promote both local artists and businesses in Tottenville, Staten Island. We began with an open call for local artists and were thrilled to receive over 200 submissions. We settled on 38 artists (and 74 artworks), whom we think well-represent the community of Staten Island artists — from career artists, to weekend hobbyists, to talented youth.

Arlene Chua is a sugar artist, whose work is inspired by the movie The Color Purple. Her cookie All my life I had to fight is a realistic portrait of the film’s protagonist; the work is edible but also can be preserved permanently. Through this specific material, the artist makes a strong statement of female empowerment. Born on Staten Island in 1952, Bill Murphy has taught art at Wagner College on Staten Island since 1984. His nostalgic prints are selected specifically for our art fair because the reference landscapes are near the area of Amboy Road, where the artist grew up. The 17-year-old artist Arina Ignatova presents a skillful painting of Frida Kahlo, of whom the artist said: “I wanted to capture her in this painting to remind myself of her influence over my work.”

Arts on Amboy intends to build a platform for local artists to find a voice, positively impacting their communities both through their art, and through the attention their work can create for local businesses.

We are thoroughly appreciative of the entire community of Staten Island artists for making this project happen; and also the office of Councilmember Joseph Borelli, for providing funding.

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