City Canvas is a pilot program of the City that allows the artwork to be installed on construction sheds and fences citywide.

Stretching the length of one entire city block, #9on15 showcases the works of nine Chelsea-based artists along 15th Street between 9th and 8th Avenues. Google partnered with ArtBridge to highlight the artwork of those who live, work, and create locally in the neighborhood. 

After receiving over 50 submissions to an open call, Google and ArtBridge chose 9 artists whose works vary in style and subject matter — from architectural photographs to abstract painting to quirky illustrations, touching on issues from climate change to identity. The artworks are large-scale reproductions printed onto vinyl and affixed to the forest green plywood that can be seen on sidewalk sheds and construction fences that cover buildings throughout the city.

The artists featured in #9on15th include: Denise Adler, Kate Fauvell, Mariko Frost, Trisha Hautéa, Katty Huertas, Ari Lankin, Orange Li, Rebecca Marks, and Raphael Ogoe.

The Artists

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